Welcome Guide- Using Centaman in a Finance Role


Welcome to Centaman! We hope you are excited to begin learning about all the amazing accounting and finance features Centaman offers. This article provides a general overview of how Centaman can be used for effective financial management and reporting.

Support_Overview__2_.jpg Support Overview

  • Review the Support Overview for everything you need to know about support, like what our support can help with and how to submit a ticket.
  • Schedule a meeting with your Account Manager and/or internal resources.

Resources_for_Self-Guide_Learning__2_.jpg Self-Guided Learning

Knowledge Base articles

We would recommend you review the articles available to you in the following sections:

  • GL Codes -This section reviews general ledger codes. General Ledger codes are numerical values assigned to credits and debits that appear on all Trial and Balance Reports.
  • Database Management - The Database Management Module is the central back-end module for the administration and configuration of the Point of Sale Module and components of other modules that interface with the Point of Sale Module.
  • Transactions Deferred Revenue Theory - In this section, we provide information on how sales and report categories work together to give you the most accurate information for book keeping.
  • Transaction Examples via POS - This section is filled with examples of transactions which can be processed through our state-of-the-art point of sale system. You can also find out how to create an invoice or adjust transactions from a previous date.
  • Transaction Reporting - Centaman provides many reporting features for reconciliation and audit. This section covers which reports can help you based on the type of accounting procedure you need completed.
  • Cashier End of the Day Process - All accounting procedures depend on the cashier completing their end of day process. Here learn how Centaman helps the cashiers close out everyday to make your job easier!
  • AP/Inventory - For your business to manage its financial position effectively, you must pay close attention to the levels of accounts payable and inventory on your balance sheet. Using Centaman you can keep track of inventory and pay your vendors on time.
  • Loss Prevention Options - Learn all the ways you can assist your business in loss prevention in this section.
  • Troubleshooting - If you hit a snag, these articles will help you figure out where the issue is coming from.

Webinar Recordings

We have a variety of recorded webinars available that may assist in your oriented. Here are a few suggested ones to get started:

Professional_Training_Options__2_.jpg Professional Training Options

Our Professional Services team is also available to train you on specific areas of the Centaman system. We have a few options available and can customize to your needs.

Custom One-on-one Training

Our trainers are available for remote or on-site training, which ever is easier for you! This training is designed to be specific to what your attraction needs. If you would like to schedule one-on-one training reach out to your account manager to request a quote. Please note, a minimum of 5 days is required for on-site training.

2 Hour Consulting Session

Our remote consulting sessions are available to you to assist with a variety of items which require a bit more assistance than provided through our support. These are designed to connect you with a Centaman Expert who can assist you. Here are some knowledge based articles on consulting sessions:

Virtual Bootcamp

Depending on availability, we offer various Bootcamps throughout the year. Our Bootcamps take you through a step-by-step training on a specific feature of our software. They occur over the course of two days for two hours on each day. Our monthly newsletter will let you know when they're happening, as well as provide information on how to sign up.

On-Site_Training_Syllabus__2_.jpg Training Syllabus

Below we outlined the processes you'll learn during on-site training. The titles are linked to support article which may help you during our training process.



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