Justification Letter

Some companies request a Justification Letter to attend conferences. Below find a template for a justification letter that you can utilize to attend the 2019 User Conference. 


Dear <Decision-maker>,


I am requesting funding to attend the 2019 User Conference and Training Bootcamp, occurring on February 25th through February 28th in Chicago, Illinois. In return, I’ll bring back the latest innovations and information back to <Your Company>.


This is an annual conference curated by CENTAMAN. The conference will consist of learning opportunities through workshops, panel discussions and presentations by industry leaders. In addition to gaining knowledge that can be used to improve our operations, the event also includes networking opportunities where I can learn from and share expertise with other industry professionals.


As an attendee, I will receive:

- Four days of presentations filled with important information about our ticketing software!

- Opportunity to gauge the latest CENTAMAN upgrades. and learn how they will benefit our establishment.

- Several networking opportunities. The conference has an evening reception that includes catered lunches and dinners that provide the opportunity to build relationships with peers and experts in our field.


The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows:

- Roundtrip airfare: <$xxxx>

- Transportation: <$xxxx>

- Hotel: <$xxxx>

- Conference Fee: <$400 - 800>

The total costs associated with attending this conference are <$xxxxx>.


Benefits to <Your Company>:


Attending the CENTAMAN 2019 User Conference will provide educational training which will help our efforts be more effective. In addition, after the conference I can provide a review of the event for the decision-making process on future attendance by colleagues.


Thank you for your consideration. I’m happy to answer any questions about how my attending the User Conference will benefit the company.






<Your Name>



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